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This page is to help give general information about doing business with Scoop Candle Co. and our products. If you're experiencing problems with our products please see the troubleshooting page.

We want to ensure you get your problem solved. If you can't find the information you need, please don't hesitate to contact us directly and we'll do what we can to help.

Typically we will have your order delivered to the carrier in 2-4 business days. How long it takes for the carrier to deliver it to you after that will depend on the shipping selection you make during checkout. You'll be emailed a tracking number with a delivery estimation.

During the summer there may be additional delays and processing may take up to 1 week. This is to minimize the chances that your products overheat and melt during shipping.

See our shipping policy for more information.

Yes. In general you have 14 days from receipt of your order to initiate a return on defective products. See our returns policy for more information.

Our waxes are either a coconut or coconut-beeswax blend depending on the product. Each product page will list the wax used in that specific product. All waxes may contain other additives as minor constituents to improve appearance, help it burn more cleanly, or produce other favorable affects we seek in our products.

We use a flat braid cotton-cored wick. Wick sizes are selected to produce a uniform flame size and burn across our fragrances.

Our fragrances are all phthalate free and adhere to RIFM standards.

We do our best to optimize our candles to burn as we designed them with as little maintenance as possible. We cannot control the space you put them in however. While maintenance should still be minimal, you may still need to remove mushrooming (carbon) from the wicks or occasionally trim them. See our care guides for more information.


Wax melt clamshells are easily cleaned and can be used to organize/store small parts, or mix paints or epoxies, or really anything you need small plastic wells for.

Candle jars are made of a very durable glass and can be used for a wide variety of things around the house. You are the original owner of each jar so there is plenty of life left in them. They have a stainless steel lid with a rubber gasket making them suitable for storing everything from food to bolts.

In the event you just don't need another container, please recycle them if your municipality has the facilities to do so.

The original email containing the gift card code has a link at the bottom to check the balance on the card. Please note it takes a few minutes after a purchase to update. If you need further assistance, please contact us.